Simple Beauty: Part 1 (Face Care)

simple beauty face care

Today, I want to talk about your face. Your beautiful face! I am in NO way a beauty expert/blogger/stylist. I am, however, a woman with some routines and make up. So, I got that goin’ for me.. (movie reference!) And if it helps to see a real woman talking about these things in real life (asRead more

Cultivating Your Home

cultivating your home

Homemaking – not in the sense of housekeeping, but in the broader sense of cultivating the life of a home – has to be done on purpose. The essence of home, you see, is not necessarily a structure. What makes a home is the life shared there, wherever that may be. And cultivating the lifeRead more

Simple Meal Planning

simple meal planning

I have long considered doing a post on how I do my meal planning each week. But then I would stop myself because I thought my method was a little too simple and maybe not sophisticated enough when compared to so many ideas on pinterest. I don’t have a big dry erase board with cuteRead more

To My Younger Self

to my younger self

This isn’t really a typical “intentional living” post but I was just feeling it. And it’s my blog, so.. Over the last few years I have started to realize that my younger twenty-something (and younger, really) self didn’t have much of a clue. And I find myself seeing people in that age bracket and youngerRead more

Travel Capsules: My Spring-board

Travel Capsule Wardrobe Inspritation

By now, you all should know I am a fan of capsule wardrobes. But how did I formulate which pieces to start with? Which ones I should include? Well, besides populating my Pinterest fashion boards and scouring them.. I’m going to let you in on a secret for a super versatile and minimal wardrobe. TravelRead more

Quality vs Quantity

Quality vs quantity

To reference the Slow Your Home podcast (56) again, I wanted to delve a little deeper into the idea of quality vs quantity. We hear it all the time. In many different thought circles. Buy the best you can instead of many lesser quality versions. I was a big proponent of this mindset. Until I listenedRead more

The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture

As many of you know by now, I am a fan of podcasts in addition to a few blogs I regularly read. In particular, the Slow Your Home podcast, hosted by Ben and Brooke McAlary. The other day I was blessed tremendously with another “Mom Day”. That means that I was gifted the ability toRead more

Cutting the Trash: Going Paperless

cutting the trash paperless

As our family moves towards being more intentional with our life choices, we have made a few choices regarding lessening our trash output. I’ve already mentioned our decision to use cloth diapers which drastically lessens out waste footprint in landfills. But I was itching to cut back even more. I had seen people go paperless inRead more

My Top 5 Why’s of Simple Living

top 5

I mentioned on Instagram recently that I experienced a rough day. Without delving in to all the reasons here, it was just hard. And a few more hard thing piled on top of it at the close of my night. And you know what? All I wanted to do was color. For my 30th birthdayRead more

Thrifting: Full Circle

thrift store shopping

As a high school girl, I was a HUGE fan of going to the thrift store. I had so many old graphic tees, jackets, and odd vintage pieces I would find at a few places in downtown Nashville. But as I added a few years, I slowly stopped shopping there as much. My body changed.Read more