Releasing in 2017 (an update)

2017 release

It’s been so long since I have been in this space. I have missed it so much but have also given myself permission to lay it down for the season. I remember when Caroline over at wrote one of her final blog posts before going on an indefinite hiatus – “I want to honorRead more

The Key to Simple Living: YOU


The last couple of years have been full of major life changes for us. The birth of our second son, moving in to our first home, two job losses, times of abundance and scarcity, and lots of re-prioritizing and soul-searching. My emotions have been all over the place and so have we. But I haveRead more

Fall|Winter Capsule Plan

Well, boys and girls, the time has come. For what you say? Pumpkin spice lattes? NO. FOR LAYERS IN MY WARDROBE! Yes, I did all that formatting because I am so excited about the gradual change in to my favorite season of them all: FALL. You can have your tan lines, swimming pools, and popsicles..Read more

What’s in my bag?

What'sin mybag-

I don’t know if you will find this interesting or boring.. but I am always curious to find out what other people carry in their bags. I love learning about people and what they think is important and worthwhile. Especially since I have been on my minimal lifestyle journey! I used to be a littleRead more

Ethical Fashion Picks

ethical wardrobe

After being a part of this capsule wardrobe circle for a while now, I am slowly dipping my toes in to the ethical (or slow) fashion world. It is a bit overwhelming to me, as many of these ethical pieces tend to be pricier (for obvious reasons) and it is much harder to find themRead more

After Capsule Wardrobes

After Capsule Wardrobes

Recently, two awesome fellow fashion bloggers wrote updates on life after capsule wardrobes. Andrea and Paige really got me thinking about the next step after living with capsules for a while. I had been feeling like “Now what do I talk about? What’s next?” and their posts really got me excited about the next steps in this journey.Read more

10×10 Summer Edition: ROUND-UP

OUTFITS Summer 10x10 wardrobe challenge

If you follow me over on Instagram (if not, do it now on the right side bar!), you probably saw my recent wardrobe challenge: a summer edition 10×10! If you don’t follow me (YET!) or just want to see a re-cap, here are all ten outfits and my take-away from it. To re-cap the items I selected…Read more

5 Ways I Simplified My Home

ways we simplified our home

Over the last two or so years, I have been making a conscious effort to simplify and streamline my life and my home. It started with my first ever legit New Year Resolutions Goals and I have been building on them since then. I wanted to, first, streamline myself to make my life as aRead more

10×10: Summer Edition

Summer 10x10 wardrobe challenge

I’ve decided to join in on the challenge of a summer edition 10×10 capsule with Andrea and Paige! I figured this was a fun way to get back in to regular blog posts again and to introduce a few new pieces in to my summer selection. I have two rules for this challenge: – The ten items include clothingRead more